Friday, March 13, 2009

Tutorial: Removing a Stuck Lens Filter

Ahhh...the perils of dropping that expensive lens! Unfortunately, accidents do happen as I've recently learned. Luckily I had a Skylight Filter on my lens so the only damage was to the filter rim.
Apparently, the bent area of the filter expanded the rim making it nearly impossible to remove. After scouring the web for ideas on how to remove the filter, I had no success trying the methods mentioned. So, I decided to jump right in and go for the glory with a hacksaw! Yes, you read that right - a hacksaw!

This is how I removed the stuck filter:
  • I made a small cut with your average hacksaw down to the glass on opposite sides of the filter rim making sure that one of the notches was near the area of damage.

  • After the notches were cut, I used the blade, still inserted in the notches, to apply pressure equally to turn the filter.

  • The end result: an un-stuck filter. Be sure you blow off all the metal shavings from the lens prior to using it. I use an air puffer from a generic lens cleaning kit.

Please note that this was my last resort prior to taking the lense in to a repair shop. The other methods I tried were:

  • Rubber bands - apply one to the lens, the other to the filter; used as a substitute for filter wrenches. Hold the lens in place while turning the rubber band on the lens filter.
  • Rubber pad - material you find at your local Walmart, etc. that you use as a shelf or drawer liner. Use the material to grip the lens filter and turn.
  • Jar opener w/ rubber interior - used to turn the lense filter.
  • Freezer - cold temperatures make metals contract and will sometimes contract enough so that the threads of the filter and lens line back up enough for you to remove the filter.

Never, ever, ever under any circumstances use WD40 to attempt to loosen a stuck filter. The evidence of WD40 will remain evident long after the lens filter has been removed. If you've tried all these methods but are a little squeemish about attempting the hack-saw method, any of your local camera shops should be able to remove it for minimal charge.

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