Sunday, March 15, 2009

Georgia Aquarium :: February 16, 2009

So far one of the most difficult places to make good shots for me has been inside the Georgia Aquarium. There are so many different environmental variables that I took over 700 shots and only

got about 20 that were even worth printing. Some things I learned are:

::Use the highest ISO possible and the finest jpeg or RAW setting available on your camera.

::Avoid flash if at all possible. In the event that you have to use a flash, shoot at an angle to the glass.

::Be prepared to hang around at each exhibit longer than most other guests in order to get a clear shot without bystanders.

::Be mindful of other guests and creatures. Some of the inhabitants are "camera shy".

Here's a few of the shots that came out the best. You can see more on my Flickr Photostream.

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