Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Wonderful World of Disney Part VI

Disney, also known as The Happiest Place on Earth, is full of interesting people and characters.  Due to the weather, large crowds, and sweltering heat, we opted not to stand in long lines at the character set-ups but to capture characters by luck or in one of the many parades or shows.  When your composition is compromised by bystanders, you can always use a photo editing program like Photoshop or Picasa to crop the image on your computer as in the image above.

:: Characters ::

The highlight of any trip to Disney for children of all ages is actually interacting with the characters in person.

:: Cast Members ::

I love to “people watch” and would love to find the courage to photograph strangers.  But being the shy person that I am, this is as close to street photography as I’ll probably ever get.

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